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Going against the grain is what we do—and you know what to expect when you specify from Carnegie. No greenwashing. Just radical transparency.

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We hold ourselves accountable. Third-party certifications keep us on track and ensure we stay true to our core principles:  People. Process. Planet.

Never Settle

We're innovators, which means our work is never done. We have so much more in store for you in the coming months, and can't wait to share groundbreaking new products next year.

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Think of us as your design concierge. Partner with our unique Design Ally service to help you save time and support the creative and technical development of your next project.

Aligned in Responsibility

As a certified B Corp, Carnegie is dedicated to responsible design and manufacturing practices that have a positive impact on the environment. As such, it was important to partner with a brand that was aligned with these key values.

The WOOD-SKIN brand is FSC®-certified, and only uses materials from forests where natural diversity is protected and preserved, and the rights of workers and local communities are respected. The company also employs a process that can be studied and tested prior to installation, only producing optimized elements with minimal waste of material, shipping volume, and time.

Case Studies


Designer: Quadri fiore Architecture
Location: Paris, France
End Use: Architectural Panels
Product: Mesh Sheet

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UN Palace, XIX Room

Designer: Peia Associati
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
End Use: Architectural Panels
Product: Mesh Sheet

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The Met

Designer: Gensler
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
End Use: Architectural Panels
Product: Tailor Made

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