A 70-Year Old Startup

We are 70 years young, with a material curiosity that keeps us on the cutting edge. Have a challenge? Bring it on. We've creatively problem-solved thousands of challenges over several decades. Each new project sparks our imaginations to see a vision through, from inception to installation. A deep commitment to our employees, clients, and the planet guides every action and drives every innovation. We are creatives, just like you.


Creative. Collaborative. Intentional. Authentic.

Creativity and innovation drive us forward. We work side-by-side with you from inception to installation. Sensitive to our planet and people, we design with purpose. Always genuine, we are purely ourselves without imitation.

Trailblazers and Proud of It

Carnegie has pioneered textile techniques, technologies, and solutions that have become industry standards. Need proof? Check out Xorel® and Biobased Xorel®. We hold true to a vision that creatively-born design solutions can transform environments. Inspired by our clients every day, we never settle for the status quo.

It’s Our Nature

Where the Magic Happens

In New York City, you’ll discover a multi-talented and diverse team of textile designers, weavers, painters and graphic designers contributing to our studio’s creative rhythm. Find inspiration in the new techniques and technologies we explore in pursuit of innovative signature solutions. Explore the possibilities of partnering with Carnegie.

Be Original to Preserve Creativity

Creative thinking is core to everything we do. We take efforts to preserve original design seriously. As part of Be Original Americas, we join the mission to educate, influence and raise awareness on the economic and environmental value of authentic design. It’s that important.

A Force for Good

A certified B Corp since 2014, Carnegie believes in business for the good of our employees, clients, and the planet. Being profitable, while making a positive impact, should be the norm. We share B Corp’s mission that one day all companies will compete not only to be the best IN the world, but the best FOR the world.

Forever PVC-Free

Carnegie is the first, and only, 100% PVC-free textile and wallcovering company — and that’s a forever promise. For every product solution we create, from walls and windows to furniture, we are dedicated to finding sustainable, high-performing and eco-friendly alternatives. Learn more about the concerns around PVC and the work we’re doing to help preserve the planet.

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Connect with Sales

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Inspired Fabrications

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